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ATI Academy Afterschool programs are designed to serve children in kindergarten through the 12th grade. ATI Academy will serve or work in cooperation with a specific school or organization. Our Afterschool programs don’t just serve the children, but also the parents of the children.

What are the benefits of ATI Academy Afterschool Program?

Benefits of our ATI Academy afterschool program are widespread. Our afterschool programs provide a safe, nurturing place of supervision for school-age children where there are opportunities to reinforce learning from school, teach social skills and encourage good citizenship.

Being involved in our afterschool program helps youth avoid unsafe situations and promote the following behaviors:

  • Opportunities for building skills that enhance learning

  • Opportunities to belong and be a part of a community

  • Opportunities to build strong relationships

  • A chance to experience new activities in arts, culture, life skills, and recreation

  • Opportunities to build leadership skills

  • A place to practice developing language skills